What Agencies in the COVID Era Can Learn From Navigating the Dot-Com Bust

Kelley Rodriguez, Love Advertising’s VP of Media

Again, it seemed literally overnight agencies and brands had to scramble — industries were wiped out immediately, sports halted, concerts were cancelled, and agencies were negotiating similar circumstances as 2000 with a lot of cancellations.

The difference is, this seems more long-term, more permanent. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Many brands, including multiple clients at Love, have stayed the course and have seen growth in this uncertain environment. They have done this with the guidance and leadership from our teams at Love including Brand, Media, Creative and Public Relations.

Media is more dynamic than ever.

In the last year audiences have been migrating and forming new viewing and listening habits and shifting when they consume media. This means media is more fragmented than ever. The key is to find the balance between what we expect the audience to consume and having the flexibility to make swift changes to follow the audience as new behaviors are formed.

Kelley Rodriguez, VP Media



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